Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Upcycle Challenge

Today, we went to the Upcycle challenge and we saw some very cool creations. I saw a green tank made of cardboard. It was the best. I also saw some planes made of paper and tape. One of the planes had wheels and was made out of a bottle. The one that I really liked was Jacob’s planter because he got a broken bottle and put parsley in the bottle. He painted the bottle yellow, green, red, dark green, and brown.
By Cooper

In the hall, I saw an amazing tall rocket ship with a Lego person inside it. Next, I saw a plant in a bottle. It was cool because it was hanging off a chair. My third favorite one was the submarine one. It was grey and had a telescope on the top. My real favourite ones were Jeba’s creations because he made a helicopter and a relaxing beach place.
By Riley
Today, we visited the upcycle challenge. We saw my brother’s work and it was a big house.  I helped him with it. I really liked the unicorn with lolly hair and a lolly tail. It looked like a unicorn god and it is the god of lollies!
By Hana

Today, our class went to the hall to look at all the Upcycle Challenge projects. My favourite ones were the military tank and the Minecraft creeper. For the military tank, I think they used a cardboard box and lots of green paint. I think the creeper also used cardboard, green paint, and black paint.
By Advik
In the hall, I saw a beautiful upcycle unicorn. The unicorn had lots of treats on it. It was violet and mawhero (pink). Did you think the unicorn was cool? When I saw it, I felt like I wanted to eat the candy because it looked yummy. I felt wonderful as I looked around the hall at the projects.
By Violet
Today we went to the upcycle challenge in the hall. We got to see lots of cool projects. We looked around the whole hall. Siaosi and I looked the the Minecraft creeper. It was awesome!
By Nemaia

AS1 Upcycle Challenge Participants
Way to go!! Your creations were fantastic and very useful.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Learning Ko Pakuranga with Our Buddy Class

We met with our senior buddy class to practice our school song, Ko Pakuranga, on Friday. AS1 has been having a wonderful time practicing our pronunciation and rhythm with the older students!

Check out our pictures, and if you don't know the lyrics we posted them for you below!

Thanks so much for all of your help, Room 19!

Kia Kotahi ai tatou
No nga hau e wha tatou i tenei kura
Kia whai ake nga moemoea
Kia tu kaha i roto i o tatou hiahia
o tatou hiahia

Ko Pakuranga
to tatou kura
Ko Pakuranga
whai matauranga

He kakano ahau
Tipu haere i a rā,  i a rā
Kaore mātou e mutu i te akonga
Hei tauira, ki a tātou e, ki a tātou e…

Tēnei rā te kaupapa,
Awhinatia rā
Tautokohia rā

Ko Pakuranga tō tātou kura
Ko Pakuranga, Whai matauranga
Ko Pakuranga tō tātou kura
Ko Pakuranga, Whai matauranga......

Whitiwhitia ki te totara e........

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Shared Writing: A Day at the Botanic Gardens By AS1

After our trip to the Botanic Gardens, AS1 wrote a shared recount of our day. Click through to read and see lots of fantastic photos.

Big thank you to all of our parent volunteers!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Did you hear the news?

Storybook characters committed crimes in AS1 last night!

When students arrived at school on Tuesday morning, they were shocked to see caution tape outside AS1's doors!

Inside the classroom, students found tables overturned, books scattered everywhere, papers crumpled and torn, and some mysterious messages written on the the whiteboard.

In addition, a number of their favourite toys had been tied up using skipping ropes and tape. 

Wait, are those the Three Bears?

To put it simply, the room was an enormous mess!

Wow! Look at the size of those footprints...

Students quickly started noticing some clues in the mess that helped them to narrow down the suspects.

Can you match the suspects to the clues?

Suspects include the Gruffalo, the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks and Harry Potter.

Upcycle Challenge

Today, we went to the Upcycle challenge and we saw some very cool creations. I saw a green tank made of cardboard. It was the best. I...